www.RossListens.Com – Ross Dress For Less Survey – Win $100

www.RossListens.Com – When one does its deed as its name meant for, name it Ross. Ross Dress for Less is rewarding their customer with a $1000 and $100 Gift Card whenever they visit and make purchases from the store. The $1000 and $100 Gift Cards as a reward to the customer for participation in Ross’s customer satisfaction survey and under their sweepstake program. A $1000 Gift Card is the grand prize which will be the reward for the first winner in the survey sweepstake drawing. And the top five in second place will be rewarded with a $100 Gift Card.


www.RossListens.Com – Ross Dress For Less Survey – Win $100

The satisfaction survey means the satisfaction of the customer by hearing out all the complaints and feedback.

When you participate, answer all the questions, and provide your honest feedback to Ross, it will analyze the feedback, find out the root cause of the disturbance in the services, and improve it. By enhancing the previous service at the store better, Ross ensures the participants that they will get valuable services and offerings without any disturbance.

For participation, the company rewards the participants by entering them into their sweepstake program where they can win a $1000 Gift Card as a first prize or a $100 Gift Card as a second prize.

This way, the company benefits you with double, reward, and assurance of better service. 

Ross Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and Regulations

  • Less than eighteen years of age cannot participate in the customer satisfaction survey.
  • If you are living in the United States of America but do not have a legal residency license then you cannot participate in the survey.
  • The survey is in English or Spanish language throughout the process. Hence if you are not familiar with the language then you should avoid participating in the survey.
  • Every participant has to follow the Ross sweepstake policy.
  • The last visit purchase receipt is necessary for participation in the Ross online customer satisfaction survey.
  • If you have one purchase receipt then only you can participate in it. 
  • The Ross employees, its staff members, and family members are not allowed to participate in the survey.
  • If you are participating through Mail then you have to write all the required details by hand on the standard size postcard.
  • You cannot transfer or convert the rewarded gift card into cash or in another person’s name.

Necessities should be strictly followed and fulfilled all the requirements. If you are looking at yourself as a fit participant for the survey then you have to now read the survey process.

Ross Customer Satisfaction Survey Online Process 

  • For the Online survey, first of all, plug in a good or steady internet connection with your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. A good or steady internet will let you pass through the survey very easily and without any hurdles.
  • Now, click on www.RossListens.Com to leap into the survey door.
  • This link will place your page on Ross Stores’ customer satisfaction survey page.
  • Before moving ahead, do not forget to select your comfortable language.
  • After the selection of your language, fill the box with a 15-digit survey code.
  • The purchase receipt will have that 15-digit code.
  • Submit the department store location where you visited and made a purchase.
  • Click Next and the questionnaire page will be on your screen.
  • Attend all the simply asked quality-related questions.
  • Rate it honestly on the basis of your experience at Ross.
  • Submit your ratings.
  • Afterward, you have to fill the dialogue boxes with your name, address, contact number, zip, gender, city, and valid email id to enter into the sweepstake program of Ross Stores.
  • Submit the information. Ross Stores will contact you after their drawings, luckily if you are selected.

RossListens.com Mail-in Survey 

This is for those enthusiastic participants who want to participate in the survey but doesn’t have any purchase receipt. 

  • Take a 3” x 5” size postcard.
  • Write with your hands on the postcard about your name, email address, zip code, and contact number.
  • Cover the postcard within a standard postage-paid envelope and mail it to the below address:

“St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes – Entry”,c/o Ross Dress for Less,

Attn: Store Ops, 5130 Hacienda Drive,


CA 94568.

For any more information or detail, you can visit www.rossstores.com 

About Ross Stores

Ross Stores is an American discount departmental company. The company was founded by Morris Ross, approximately 32 years ago in San Bruno, California, in the year 1982. Morris worked hard for collecting and stocking of the best amenities and supplies for the customer in the store. He used to work for long 85 hours a week. The buyers used to walk in and buy products like Clothing, Footwear, Bedding, Furniture, Jewelry, Beauty products, Toys, and Housewares. 

By providing all the retail services at their store, the company has grown bigger. Ross has now 1,523 stores all over 39 states of the United States of America. With the help of 88,100 employees, the stores run smoothly in different places. The company had a revenue of US$11.94 billion, according to FY 2015 reports. 

The figure and reports are enough to have an idea of the success and popularity of the companies among the customers. And to keep this result continuously inconsistent, Ross Stores decided to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. The conduction of the satisfaction survey is to know about the customer’s likes, dislikes, experience, and satisfaction level after the purchase from Ross Stores. 

In the survey, the company will throw you certain questions, related to the services, offerings, administration, place, delivery, time, price, and staff behavior. Simply, you just have to do is to recall your last experience memory and answer it all. Remember, most of the questions will be asked to answer on the basis of your satisfaction level. Rate it on your satisfaction level, from good to bad.sss www.RossListens.Com


As you read, vast information is easy to follow, fun to attend, and quicker to finish. Read attentively and go through each instruction which will 100% help you to participate in the Ross Stores customer satisfaction survey and in winning the big gift card reward. www.RossListens.Com

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